F.E. Perks

Perk Your Ride

$ave a Fortune on Fuel. Register now.

Everyone loves perks and at Family Express shopping has its perks.

FE Perks is the only loyalty card which allows you to $ave a Fortune on Fuel – today! The best thing about it is how easy it is to use – just pick up a card at the store, scan it with your purchases, and you can save on your next fuel purchase! Members earn perks on hundreds of items in store and perks are then redeemed at the pump to lower your gas price. In addition to the Perks you earn from your purchases inside the store, your FE Perks card is now good for an automatic 3 CENTS OFF PER GALLON every time you need to fuel up.

Inside every Family Express store there are thousands of everyday qualifying items, such as donuts, water, pop, candy, sandwiches and all your favorite snack items you can purchase to earn you cents-off per gallon. For example, buy 5 donuts on your way to work and you earn 5 cents off per gallon on your next fill up. That’s a tasty (our donuts are fresh and delicious) way to save.

There is no quicker way to start saving on your fuel purchases!

  1. Pick up a card when you next visit a Family Express store
  2. Earn Perks on your in-store purchase and immediately use for savings at the pump
  3. Register your card online for even more free and discounted items!
Presenting $1000 FE Perks Grand Prize Winner Check to Sharon Henn of Valparaiso FE Perks 2 Filling up