Our Brands

Our very own Fresh Brands

We are committed to delighting our customers. Our promise to each and every customer is to provide the freshest, best tasting, highest quality product available day in and day out at fantastic prices. Our proprietary brands are all about delivering upon that promise. Whether its food, beverages, ice or the freshest milk, our brands meet the needs of your family. So next time you visit please try one of them, they are fresh, fun and extremely tasty.

We don’t cut corners

Square Donuts delivered fresh every day.

Family Express’s Square Donuts are a Northwest and North Central Indiana favorite. Your favorite morning treat can always be found at school events, family picnics, church outings, company meetings, college dorms, hidden under beds for late night snacks…everyone who tries them knows that squares have more fun.

We make them fresh each day in our own bakery and deliver them each day to our stores. If you want Square Donuts for an event we suggest you visit or contact your local Family Express to place the order, we will deliver them to your local store or you can pick them up from the bakery. It’s the most convenient way to get exactly what you want! And our bakery extends far beyond the famous Square Donut to include things like:

  • Delicious donut varieties including cake, cream-filled, glazed, frosted, sprinkled and seasonal specialties
  • Cookies, muffins, brownies and much more!
  • Earn FE Perks on every purchase in the store
  • No order too large for our online specialty orders!

Watch our infamous Square Donuts come to life!

Enjoy the full range of our fresh brands

  • 2356

    Gourmet Coffeehouse quality – brewed fresh all day long

    We know a great cup of coffee makes mornings more welcoming, evenings more relaxing and road trips more enjoyable. That is why our proprietary brand, Java Wave, is made with 100% Arabica Beans, hand-picked then slow roasted to perfection in small batches. This ensures that each sip is flavorful and aromatic.

    • Coffee-house quality (not your typical gas station coffee)
    • Endless varieties with our extensive creamer selection, cappuccino, latte, espresso and iced coffee options
    • Coffee dispensers automatically timed to ensure freshness
    • Touch-free lid dispenser
  • 1776

    Enjoy the perfect hot or iced espresso beverage every time!

    We quest to craft the perfect espresso beverage.  We start by sourcing the finest espresso beans, we combine them with FE Milk and the precision brewing of the JW European Cafe.  We guarantee the perfect hot or iced espresso beverage every time!

    • Our espresso beans are carefully sourced from around the world to ensure the highest quality and best flavor
    • We use all natural flavorings to sweeten your beverage and a fantastic sugar substitute for our vanilla-flavored drinks
    • Our milk is delivered fresh every day to ensure unsurpassed freshness
    • Be Smart – Never pay $5 for an espresso beverage that doesn’t measure up again!
  • 2355

    Warning – our Italian sub is addictive

    In store at our Cravin’s Market you will discover lip-licking, fresh, ready-to-go, healthy food. Each day our famous “moo trucks” deliver the freshest breads, sandwiches, snacks and fruit. Enjoy our customer favorite sub sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef and our addictive Italian sub to name a few) – perfect for lunch, dinner or on-the-go!

    • Fresh food delivered daily
    • Breakfast and lunch sandwiches and wraps, and sliced bread sandwiches
    • Healthy options including vegan alternatives, fruits, oatmeal, yogurt and cheese
  • 1414

    100% natural spring water

    Stay fresh with our crisp Natural Spring Water. Available in all sizes, featuring our 24 pack – a great value that means our spring water is good for your wallet and good for your body.

  • 1415

    Our promise “from the cow to you in two”

    With help from our own distribution team (and the cows of course) we are able to deliver Family Express milk from the farm to our stores within 2 days. This super-fresh milk stays delicious in your refrigerator up to 14 days. Although we love to see you regularly we know that convenience is not buying milk every few days even though we know you’ll want to come back for the great price!

    • Watch and listen for our “moo truck” delivering the freshest milk every day
    • Available in pints, half gallons and gallons in all the most popular flavors
    • Go on, try the chocolate…
  • 1418

    Kids aren’t the only ones that love Squeeze Freeze

    Ice cold. Carbonated. Refreshing. A Squeeze Freeze is a brain-numbing blast of fun. Mountain Dew and Pepsi are always available and we are always rotating in special, mouth-watering seasonal flavors like Mad Mango, Strawberry Shockwave, Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry. Don’t even try the Strawberry Lemonade – this flavorful frozen beverage is sure to have you acting more like a kid than your kids!

    • Pour your favorite flavor or go suicide and mix them all!
    • Available in12, 20 & 32 ounce sizes
    • Available for ALL ages – but don’t hog it!
  • 1412

    Get up and go. And go again.

    Buzzed Energy is our very popular energy drink and it is available only at Family Express. Made with quality ingredients Buzzed Energy keeps NW Indiana going from dawn to dusk to dawn again. Stop in the next time you need a boost and remember you can also get Buzzed Energy from the fountain.

    • Get Buzzed in delicious Classic, Desert Fruit, Citrus Cyclone and NEW Zero (no sugar) flavors
    • 16oz cans and available on the fountain
    • Stay alert and awake all day long
  • 1411

    It’s all about choice

    Family Express’s Beverage Bay is your one stop shop for fountain drinks, serving you 20-24 different popular, national flavors including sodas, sport drinks, juices and teas. And if that’s not enough, add a cherry, vanilla, lemon or lime flavor shot. Oh, and you can also select crushed or cubed ice. It’s your choice. Did we tell you we have one of the best 32oz prices in town? – Just 89 cents!

    • 32oz King Quencher or 44oz Big Kahuna, both available in non-sweat foam cups
    • Well-insulated, refillable mugs available in 32oz and 44oz – and its just 69 cents for a 32oz refill!
    • Touch-free lid dispensers so no one else ever touches your lid
  • 2358

    Made To Order Pizza

    Introducing our new made to order hot food service offering, Cravin’s To Order. Cravin’s To Order features made to order breakfast sandwiches and an exciting upscale, customizable/made to order pizza offering.

    The new Cravin’s To Order pizza menu includes a variety of new signature items, such as the Six-Cheese Garlic Pizza, Mediterranean Pizza, BBQ Bacon Chicken Pizza, and a Breakfast Pizza. You are even able to tailor a slice to your liking, by using a state-of-the-art ordering kiosk.

    Cravin’s To Order is only available at select locations. To find a store with Cravin’s To Order near you, please use our location finder.