Fleet Card

Family Express Fleet Card

Save time, money and paperwork

The Family Express Fleet Advantage Card gives you the information you need for better control and savings. The Family Express fleet card can replace your current fuel credit cards, offers greater flexibility and gives you the control to reduce unauthorized purchases. Family Express fleet cards are perfect for any business that is managing a fleet from two cars to two hundred:

Discounts: Available on fuel and car washes – plus you can use your FE Perks card to save even more!

Reporting: Detailed reporting to track how much you are spending.

Control: Know when, where, what and by whom every purchase is made.

Security: Driver ID numbers prevent unauthorized purchases.

Online service: Closely manage your account online. Performance tracking: Cost per mile and miles per gallon calculated so you know how vehicles are performing.

Convenience: Accepted at all FE locations.

Time Savings: Comprehensive monthly & year-to-date reporting helps you monitor purchases and vehicle efficiency (receive in PDF or mail).

Smiles: Family Express is a friendly place to visit, we give you more smiles per gallon. For more information call 219-462-0144 ext 1705


"Your staff is universally friendly and helpful. Your generous car wash policy has also allowed us to keep our fleet looking professional. Thank you for your partnership. I hope it continues far into the future."
David Lain
Sheriff of Porter County