Regular 88 is an 88 octane fuel available at many Family Express locations. This grade of fuel contains up to 15% ethanol. Regular 88 is EPA approved for use in model year 2001 and newer cars, light duty trucks, and flex fuel vehicles. Regular 88 is not only available at a lower cost, but also delivers optimum performance with a smaller amount of emissions. If you have any concerns about the compatibility of Regular 88 and your vehicle, please consult your vehicle’s manufacture.

What are the benefits of using Regular 88?

  • Regular 88 is good for your car because it has a higher octane rating of 88 and burns cleaner and cooler in your engine which could improve overall performance.
  • It is good for the environment because it can help reduce emissions and reduces the number of pollutants in fuel.
  • It is good for your wallet because it generally costs you less.
  • It is great for America because ethanol is U.S. made, supports local jobs and communities, and reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

Why is Family Express selling Regular 88?

  • We believe that providing our customers with the best selection of fuel is a priority. Additionally, Regular 88 is a sign of our continued commitment to the environment.

Can I use Regular 88 in my car?

  • Regular 88 was approved for use in passenger vehicles model year 2001 and newer. This represents more than 80% of the cars, trucks and SUVs driven today. Consumers have driven more than 150 million miles using this product. Check your owner’s manual to determine if Regular 88 is approved for your vehicle.

Where can I purchase Regular 88?
Family Express offers Regular 88 at a significant number of stores throughout Northwest and Central Indiana. You can use our location finder to find a store near you.